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Basic Searching:

Searches are case-insensitive.
Search terms are automatically ANDed together.
Terms are appended by a wildcard (e.g., searching for the term 'late' would also find 'latest' and 'lateral').

Advanced Searching:

Will search for that specific word.
+this +that -foo
Will require "this" and "that" exists in a record but that "foo" doesn't.
"FooBar report"
Will search specifically for that phrase.
+"FooBar report" -html
Will search specifically for that phrase, and make sure the entry doesn't have "html".

Scoped Searches

  • Network Search will search ONLY this NOC site
  • Global Search will search every NOC site
  • This Section/Branch will search all content beneath you
  • Search by Keyword will let you find documents tagged with similiar keywords

  • Audience

    Searching by Audience will find documents tagged and targeted for a specific audience


    The wildcard (*) cannot be used at the beginning of a search term.
    Common words such as 'the', 'about', or 'but' will be excluded from your search terms (the full list of stopwords).

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